The work of Barry Entner, one of the world's most renowned Glass artists




While glass as an artistic medium dates back to 16th-Century B.C. Mesopotamia, the ancient art form of pre-Roman times is now a centerpiece of the modern-day art world – thanks in part to renowned sculptors like Master Glass Artist Barry Entner.

With a signature style and technique coveted by collectors from all over the world, Barry Entner’s custom glass work represents the marriage of art, science, design, passion, talent, and technology. Whether commissioned for high-end residences, large-scale commercial properties, or individual collectors, the New York glass artist brings creative genius, meticulous attention to each detail, and an exclusive experience to every project.

Entner’s exceptional ability to create an evocative experience for all who enjoy the unique blend of color, light, and design in his custom pieces has led him to secure numerous exhibits in places like Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. He has also been selected for prestigious public and private collections, thus increasing the value of his work exponentially over the years.

Equal parts intuitive, warm, and hardworking, Entner successfully collaborates with designers, galleries, architects, and art lovers nationally and internationally. From the earliest stages of design to the process of creating every single element of each piece using a hand-formed, steam-blown process that is all his own, he takes tremendous pride in his art form.

Entner works to ensure that every custom glass piece he creates brings a space to life. He believes deeply that every client who entrusts him deserves a masterpiece. He takes their vision and client confidentiality very seriously, and the master glass artist genuinely loves sparking a sense of wonder. One client captured the essence of the experience when her first reaction to a completed commission piece was: “You didn’t say the piece was going to be alive!”

As part of his commitment to social responsibility, Entner frequently donates custom glass for various causes as a way to contribute to those less fortunate.


“I became interested in glass sculpture in my senior year at Tulane University, studying under Gene Koss. After graduating, I apprenticed with David Goldhagen and studied glass sculpture at Penland School of Crafts under Stephen Dee Edwards, as well as metal sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art. In 1985 I opened Brimstone Glassworks with glass sculptor Caleb Nichols. In 1997 I opened my own design studio in Rhinebeck, NY where I currently create my work.”











“I have been commissioned to create multiple sculptures and sculptural lighting for many private residential projects, but I have also created pieces for resorts and casinos, as well as corporate sites. The spaces I work in range from ultra-contemporary to French Classical. I study the areas my pieces will inhabit so the sculptures effectively fill the spaces dimensionally, and most importantly fulfill my artistic vision.”