For more than thirty five years, sculptor Barry Entner has been exploring the properties of glass in the pursuit of his unique vision. Using primarily tropical palette, Entner creates otherworldly forms, reflecting the relationship between kinetic and potential life. The elegant and vital movements inherent in his forms are the result of his innovative, vibrant designs. His work is shown in museums, public space and private collections throughout the world.
Barry Entner works with designers, galleries, Architects and collectors throughout the world to create unique sculptures, from pedestal pieces to site specific installations.
Barry works personally with his clients from the earliest stages of design to the final completion of each unique sculpture.  The level of detail and care Barry puts into each of his sculptures firmly inserts him into the upper echelon of today’s sculptural artists. In many cases, his pieces have grown in value since their original purchase and have become a centerpiece for both conversation and delight.

Barry Entner’s Philosophy

From my perspective, Sculptural Lighting originates as a sculptural vision rather than a commercial product design. Suspending sculpture in midair allows me to create an unlimited array of forms free from the limitations of gravity. The lighting aspect is designed specifically to enhance the form, color and the magical beauty of the glass itself. I intentionally employ certain techniques to highlight the unique properties of glass.  Each of my works has a life of its own due to visual shifts in form and color, which give the pieces movement. These effects are dependent on the perspective of the viewer and the amount of ambient light.

My concepts as a custom glass artist begin with primary forms and color. Once those are defined, I determine the shapes of the individual pieces of custom glass along with a coloring technique. At this point, my ideas can evolve into a reality. I consider each of the individual pieces as paint strokes that, once assembled, become my desired composition. I don’t make these using traditional blown glass techniques. For the past 15 years, I have developed a method of using steam pressure, produced by way of inserting a wet cherry wood cone into solid hot glass, to ”blow” air into the pieces. This allows me to create shapes and forms that are unique within the art glass world, and are “Other Worldly,” as is sometimes described. All of my work is signed and dated.  Glass is a conduit for light, which is thoroughly considered as I engineer the lighting components. Each lighting system is specific for each sculpture.  The type of light, (LED, Low Voltage halogen, cold cathode, etc.), are dependent on the piece and the clients’ wishes. The metal work for each fixture is done in-studio under my supervision. The lighting is designed to ignite my work with an interior glow and an exterior burst of color, light and movement. I have been commissioned to create multiple sculptures and sculptural lighting for many private residential projects, but I have also created pieces for resorts and casinos, as well as corporate sites. The spaces I work in range from ultra-contemporary to French Classical. I study the areas my pieces will inhabit so the sculptures effectively fill the spaces dimensionally, and most importantly fulfill my artistic vision.

Barry Entner’s Clients

Private Collectors

Names withheld


Miccosukee Hotel Casino Miami, Florida
Island View Resort Gulfport, Mississippi
Hunt Corporation Headquarters Dallas, Texas
Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong
Hale Koa Hotel Honolulu, Hawaii

Museums & Galleries

SOFA (International Exposition of Sculptural Objects and Function Art)
International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa, Japan
International Exposition Frankfurt, Germany
Art Expo New York, NY
Art Glass Gallery, American Glass Exhibition Zurich, Switzerland
Pelfair Museum of Art Savannah, Georgia
Atlanta Botanical Gardens Atlanta, Georgia

Barry Entner Custom Glass Artist