For more than thirty-five years, American sculptor and Master Glass Artist Barry Entner has been exploring the properties of glass in the pursuit of his unique vision. Using a bold, primarily tropical palette, Entner creates otherworldly forms for public and private collections. He looks at every one of his high-end projects as an opportunity to create a unique masterpiece that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Born on November 1, 1959 in Brookline, Massachusetts, Entner is the youngest of 5 children. Early on in life, his main focus was sports. That changed when he attended high school, at which point he became curious about classical art forms such as painting and sculpture. He was inspired by artists Bosch and Breugal, and has since enjoyed studying the work of Picasso, Gaugin, Moore, Brancusi, and David Smith.

A graduate of Tulane University who was initially drawn to the field of psychology, Entner’s passion for art took fire when he apprenticed with David Goldhagen and studied glass sculpture at Penland School of Crafts under Stephen Dee Edwards. He went on to study metal sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art, and in 1985, Entner opened Brimstone Glassworks with sculptor Caleb Nichols. In 1997, Entner opened the custom glass design studio he operates today, about 90 miles north of New York City in Rhinebeck, New York.

Entner’s innovative, vibrant designs have defined his artistic style. His ability to create elegant, vital movement in each custom glass piece has earned him placements in museums, public spaces, and private collections throughout the world.

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  • President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
  • Paul Mitchell Cosmetics
  • Miccosukee Hotel Casino Miami, Florida
  • Island View Resort Gulfport, Mississippi
  • Hunt Corporation Headquarters Dallas, Texas
  • Langham Place Hotel, Hong Kong
  • Hale Koa Hotel Honolulu, Hawaii
  • SOFA (International Exposition of Sculptural Objects and Function Art)
  • International Exhibition of Glass Kanazawa, Japan
  • International Exposition Frankfurt, Germany
  • Art Expo New York, NY
  • Art Glass Gallery, American Glass Exhibition Zurich, Switzerland
  • Pelfair Museum of Art Savannah, Georgia
  •  Atlanta Botanical Gardens Atlanta, Georgia